two years later...

I started this in 2010 during one of my transitional periods in attending college. it was the first "serious" oil painting I had taken on since high school, and I approached its execution with great trepidation. it took a few weeks to complete, and ultimately took its place hidden behind a stack of paintings in the spare bedroom in my parents' house. I was far from satisfied with the finished piece, bordering on embarrassed of it. I gave myself a pass, though, trying to be conscious of the fact that it was natural to be a bit rusty after a three year-long disruption of my involvement with the craft.

since then this piece has always been in the back of my mind, something I knew I had to pursue further. the painting that helped re-kindle my passion for painting shouldn't end up tucked away on a shelf collecting dust, in fear of someone seeing my meager attempt at a well-conceived image. I needed to turn it into something I could be proud of. which is why nine months ago I took it out of hiding and got back to work. the transformation was slow and took place mostly in short-lived sessions between other pressing academic responsibilities. finally at the end of last month, it felt "finished".

and there you have it.

even now I'm still very self-conscious about my painting abilities, especially when developing something meant to resemble real-life objects. who knows, maybe in two more years I'll feel the need to change it again. but for now, I am pleased. I closed an important chapter in my creative life. and to sweeten the pot, this baby's in the possession of some individuals that are very dear to me. a quick 'thank you' to those particular folks, who have fostered my creativity in more ways than they know.


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