oh, how I long to get my feet wet!
cried and yelled, the ice as it melted
but will I know it when I see it?
or will I miss the only chance I ever had?
no calendar can keep a secret
time will tell, yes time will tell
and this moment, you can keep it
only for it a while, and it will go
but you'll be thankful
that you are
not only judged by your messes
and not every word you say embarrasses
not every wound received needs caresses
some lessons are best learned
through having less
and listening
so listen, listen

I do not care about tomorrow
I have seen the future
and we are falling down
to the earth
we'll retreat without a sound
spinning 'round
the sun will come to greet and touch the ground
singing, 'come along with me'
come along
come with me

cos not all those fallen seeds will one day bloom
and not every rotten tree will root again
you live, so what use have you to pretend?
there must be something better once this ends
for not all the folks you'll meet have seen your face
and not every road that leads you knows your name
the real ones will always be glad you came
not every turn you take
leads to a dead ending



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