something spectacular

my mind has been in the Adirondacks. in seven straight days of perfect weather. the peace of an atmosphere unscathed; no blaring speakers, ringing telephones, rumbling car engines or honking horns. no altercation or negativity, no petty bitterness. just grass, air and trees and brilliant sunshine, and wind and birds and rushing water. rock hopping over johns brook, trying not to get swept away by the current. I remember laying upside down on a rock and letting my scalp and hair soak in the frigid water. the cold was almost unbearable but that was the first time I felt that clarity. the complete clarity of living and just living. not getting caught up. I want that clarity again. loving every individual and entity that existed in that space. crying for all of the right reasons. being in tune with my body because it was in tune with nature and nothing else. just existing. a better existence. the purest happiness.


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